CNC turning, CNC milling and surface finishing

CNC milling, CNC turning
hard chrome plating and centerless grinding

A flexible and professional
partner and supplier

CNC machining of stainless steel - Spaantec

CNC milling

Spaantec has many years of experience in CNC milling at advanced machining centers.

Strong  and durable surface finishing with hard chrome

hard chrome plating

Over 10 years of experience with own hard chrome plating, with a focus on uniform production and quality.

Surface finishing - centerless grinding add strength to the components

Centerless grinding

We perform centerless grinding
both in connection with hard chrome and as an independent task.

Consultancy on material selection, product development and prototypes


We have many years of know-how and advise as needed, eg. about product development.

For many years, we have been working on CNC milling in automatic machining centers. And have made components for companies within the automation, automotive and food industries.

We have expertise in machining components in metals, including steel and stainless steel, as well as plastic. The components are manufactured with very high precision and they have a uniformly high quality. Our production equipment is optimized for high efficiency, and complicated components are produced without problems.

Spaantec has more than 10 years of experience with hard chrome and our own hard chromium plating system. The plant adds a hard and resistant surface to the components, which greatly increases the strength and durability, and makes the items durable and corrosion proof.

The process is environmentally friendly since the wastewater is recycled.

Both design and material have a great influence on the finished result. Good advice and planning can solve unnecessary problems with surface finishing.

We often use centerless grinding together with hard chrome, as the components get high quality with the best possible durability and corrosion protection.

In the process, thin layers of material are removed by means of an abrasive process. And, in contrast to centering grinding, there is no use of spindle or fastening. Instead, the components are held between two rotating grinding wheels which determine the grinding speed.

Especially with orders where many components must be processed in a short time, the process is a great advantage over conventional grinding with fastening. Centerless grinding significantly increases lifetime, and the components get a nice shiny surface.

We have a team of competent employees to service machines and machining centers. All orders will be taken seriously and carefully handled, and process and materials control will be continuously carried out to ensure a uniform and high quality.

The machine park consists of machine centers and stand-alone machines with the latest technology.

We have many years of know-how and work hard to ensure our customers an optimal result, e.g. with product development and prototype production. Competent consultancy is important here, as there are a number of technical considerations regarding material testing and manufacturing process. As a customer, you will benefit greatly from Spaantec’s specialized knowledge and experience. And this saves time and money.

Consultancy is an integral part of our services, and we can always add useful knowledge with our experience – even when your project or product is under construction.

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